Data at your fingertips

NAT21® is a wireless sensor platform which only requires to plug the devices to the socket...

...or to any available bulb socket.

The data is instantaneously synchronized between thousands of units and will be collected by any cloud storage or central computer.

Comprehensive reports and big data analyses are straighforward starting from NAT21® datasets.

Each NAT21® features a customer-selected array of sensors and allows a deployment of hundreds of units within few hours.

Developers have access to TCP/IP socket commands so they can create their own solutions.

Plug and play: to relocate a NAT21® just plug the unit in the new socket. In less than 30 seconds the data will be online.

Try your NAT21® today.

Teacle Ltd. is a start-up company that combines specific hardware design and mathematics with in-house production facility to develop and commercialize new technology ideas.

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Available right now.

NAT21® counts with both customers and retailers since the early stages.

University of Barcelona has trialed the NAT21® sensors for over three months in a mutually extremely successful experience.

IGSresearch Ltd. is a NAT21® retailer in Spain integrating Teacle Ltd. hardware solutions in large smartcity and industrial projects.

NAT21® was one of the seed products of the start-up engine Penyalab. We are alumni of CMU University of Barcelona.

NAT21® has been integrated into the IDbox environment via IGSresearch.

We acknowledge the use of openweathermap under the Creative Commons 2.0 License under which data can be freely used through API with non-commercial or commercial purposes.

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